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Camera Freezes at Any Task

Give it some time to react.Then turn the camera off. Let it set for five minutes before restarting.
Check to be sure that batteries are of the same kind and have sufficient energy and correct polarity.
Check to be sure that SD card has sufficient space and is fully functional.
Default and restart the camera.

Missing Emails/MMS (or Failure in SMS Communication)

Check your spam, trash, or blacklist, since sometimes emails may be blocked.
Check your batteries, and use a new set if necessary. Check if you SD card is full and the overwrite function is off.
Make sure your SIM card is in good service. On an environment with bad communication signals, the camera would quit sending photos after a continuous of five sending failures and would try resending after two hours.
Please note that setting a proper value of maximum file size through FC Config.exe would bring you many benefits, since sending larger-sized photos would require a good signal, greater power consumption, and longer transmission time.

Limited Night Time Range

If your nighttime range is less than expected, check your batteries and use a new set if necessary. Also you should check to be sure that your camera is in a good physical setup. If you aim the camera out over an open field with nothing to reflect the Infrared energy back towards the camera, the images will appear dark (like shining a flashlight into the night sky). The best night images will need a backdrop of some sort to reflect flashlight back toward the camera (trees, fence, hillside, building etc.).

Focus Problems

If your images appear cloudy or dirty, please first check the surface of the camera window. Clean the camera window, and avoid setting the camera towards windy/dusty area. You may wish to check your camera after a fresh snowfall or heavy rain, to make sure that the windows are not covered.

False Triggers

If you seem to be getting false triggers, please restore your camera back to Default setting and try it again. This will ensure that you are running with known settings – PIR sensitivity at NORMAL and Time-lapse OFF. False trigger may happen on sunny days when vegetation within the detection range soak up the sun’s energy and become warmer than the ambient air temperature. The camera will detect the movement of vegetation at a wind blow. Use careful placement to prevent such false triggers.

Memory Card Problems

If your camera won’t start up properly or displays “Card Is Locked”, first check to be sure that your card is not “Locked”. We recommend class 6 or above since some of the less expensive memory cards are very slow and do not always run well.

Battery Life Less than Expected

NiMH batteries have decreased life in hot weather. Daytime temperatures near 90° F/32° C will not damage your NiMH batteries but will increase their discharge rate. Additionally, you could adjust the following settings based on your need to achieve an optimized battery use: set PIR SENSITIVITY to Normal; set proper working time; take photos/videos of lower resolution and at lower frequency; take shorter videos; set maximum size for sending photos at a proper level, etc.

Login Fail

If you see “Login Fail” on starting the camera, first check to be sure that your communication service has sufficient balance and signal strength. Also make sure that your antenna is attached securely.

Photos Do Not Capture Subjects of Interest

Check the PIR SENSITIVITY. For warm weather conditions, set the level to “High”; for cold weathers, set the value at “Low”.
Avoid aiming the camera towards the sun or direct light source.
Avoid aiming the camera towards a heat source.
Avoid setting the camera up on small trees that are prone to be moved by strong winds.

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